Jamie’s Kitchen is a modern espresso bar and brunch cafe located at at Ground, Kirketon Hotel, 229 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst Sydney NSW Australia. With glazed frontage on the building, overlooking the heritage building and lawn.

“You can start the day with your favorite coffee and dishes and also enjoy with the selected wine & beer at Jamie’s Kitchen”

The staffs behind Jamie’s Kitchen are passionate about the quality of both taste and service, and they are well experienced.

They are making Jamie’s Kitchen must-visit brunch cafe for people who seek great coffee and extraordinary food.

We are dedicated to bringing quality food, taste drink and cozy ambience together while also creating a welcoming, comfortable and memorable experience for clients.

We want to make Jamie’s Kitchen the cafe we’d like to sit in and spend good time with friends and family. Remarkably tasty foods, plated beautifully, made with passion and love. That’s what we want and who we are.